31/5/19 – Kvarteret – Stockholm, Sweden

“Excitement levels are on top as we approach this Friday and the coming Kvarteret romance.”

For this one, we invite a complex, mysterious musician with eclectic sound and diverse artistic influences – Trikk. One of Porto’s finest exports, a city that is gathering a reputation as a great incubator of underground movements and the ultimate inspirational city for musicians of the most obscure sub-genres. we bring no other than Porto’s finest export Trikk. Along with HIGHTS artists TOKI and Layer J, we can expect one hell of a ride from open to close.

As a family, music collective, brand and label – HIGHTS mission is to create unparalleled executions, offering high-end techno sessions, members-only mornings and label nights, whilst progressively pushing the boundaries of today’s standards towards defining tomorrow’s.

Thrilled to be teaming up with Kvarteret this summer, we feel our missions align and that together we can do great things looking forward.


Trikk [Innervisions]


Layer J [HIGHTS]