31/12/17 – Berns Salonger – Stockholm, Sweden

“New Years Eve”

Raising the temperature with the latest sold-out show hosting over 1000 beautiful attendees, HIGHTS returns to Berns, refined and ready for one last dance. This time in a different venue underground (Audiio/Le) where our constant pursuit of improvement breeds life to creativity and innovation.

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary, December 31 also closes the chapter for 2017 and welcomes the promises of a new exciting year ahead – the beginning of a full-grown agency, management and label with upcoming releases for 2018.


Sébastien Léger

Sébastien has been one of the most unique and captivating producers the techno scene has brought forward over the past decade. His steadily rising career is proof of where hard graft, dedication, passion, consistency and originality can take a producer to. His prolific work rate belies the thought and effort that he pours into each production, setting him out as the antithesis to lazy contemporaries who churn out unimaginative production line formulas.


A familiar and reliable face across mainland Europe and Scandinavia, Stockholm-based DJ/producer TOKI represents a fierce leader in the city’s exportation of DIY club culture.

Channeling subtle influences from Balkan folk music, Baile Funk and groove-induced techno, the TOKI sound has come to hold main rooms and underground hotspots alike throughout his reign as a touring DJ. From Ushuaia Ibiza to shows alongside the likes of Axel Boman, Dixon, HOSH and Johannes Brecht, his tastes and finesse have made him a staple throughout Stockholm and the thriving Scandinavian club circuit.