HIGHTS head honcho TOKI represents the new wave of fierce leaders across the country’s steadily growing techno scene and evolving club culture. The Stockholm-based producer and DJ have in recent years become a familiar and reliable face both locally and throughout Europe.

2019 brought plenty of milestone moments for TOKI, playing side by side with artists like Echonomist, Innellea, Marcus Worgull, Karmon, Cioz, and many more. Finishing off the year with a key performance for Boiler Room Stockholm, further strengthening his rise as one of Sweden’s brightest up-and-coming sonic forces. Easing into 2021/2022 more determined than ever, the schedule ahead holds turning-point appearances together with unexpected music releases on various labels.

As a founding member of the HIGHTS collective, brand, and record label, their expertly curated nights have taken high-caliber electronic music into a series of exciting and well-composed showcase events. Progressively pushing the boundaries of today’s standards towards defining tomorrow’s.


2021 Dunja (Original Mix) – HIGHTS Music | HIGH005
2019 Med (Original Mix) TOKI & Layer J – HIGHTS Music | HIGH002
2018 Prism (Original Mix) – HIGHTS Music | HIGH001