Layer J

An up and coming Stockholm based producer with a finely tuned progressive techno affection. His sound is characterised by atmospheric melodies, dark throbbing baselines and something of the unexpected.

Already boasting several heavy releases under various aliases, Layer J started producing at a young age. Now spending his waking hours fully developing and refining the forthcoming 2022 catalogue.

A cool-headed rock of a sound engineer and one to look out for in the nearing future.


2021        Bowl of Popcorn/1950 (Original Mix) – Layer J
2020        Levante (Original Mix) – Layer J & Sebek
2019        Med (Original Mix) –TOKI & Layer J
2019        Umbra (Original Mix) feat. Sebek – Layer J
2018        Rude/Customs Sky (Original Mix) – Layer J
2018        Blink EP (Original Mix) – Layer J
2018        Iffy/Tween (Original Mix) – Layer J
2017        Moln (Original Mix) feat. IFOS – Layer J
2017        So Damn Fine – Simon Smiles (Johan Ohlsson Remix)
2017        Generations/Saunter (Original Mix) – Johan Ohlsson
2017        Vanadis EP (Original Mix) – Johan Ohlsson