[Elements | Gothenburg, Sweden]

Jonas Rathsman is an artist in every sense of the word. Creativity is his lifeblood – it flows through every inch of his being.

From graphic designer and illustrator to being an ambassador for his fashion brand Uniforms For The Dedicated, to DJ and producer, his talent knows no bounds.

Growing up in a small, picturesque village on the Western Coast of Sweden, exposed to the elements of our planet, his musical output is a reflection of these natural influences and his hometown inspires both his sets and productions.

Since being crowned with the accolade of “Future Star of 2013” by revered Radio 1 tastemaker Pete Tong, his musical career has seen a meteoric rise. He takes his intelligent selections to some of the globe’s most prestigious festivals and clubs, including Coachella, Circoloco Ibiza, Watergate Berlin and a Fabric room one debut in 2017 supporting the indomitable Dane, Kölsch